Cheese Thief

Help our little rat to collect all the cheese, and also make it reach its home. [...]


Use the snake to guide the player through 50 levels in this puzzle platformer.Sn [...]

The Merry Penguin

Help Penguin advance by hopping on the snowballs and earn score. Jump up to coll [...]

Spot N Smash

Your task is to find unsimilar alien from the group of aliens before the loader [...]

Sly Slide

Sly Slide were a game of skill and ski. Slide your way to all the flag and end t [...]

Suppa Zuppa

Suppa Zuppa were hungry after long winter seasons. Now it's summer time and it's [...]

Aboe Heart Pluck

Control Aboe to collect all the heart in this simple puzzle platform game. Don't [...]

Cupid Love Arrows

Ever wondered what cupid was doing with all his arrows and what it is like to bl [...]

Bounce Ball

The game is an arcade game. You want to jump the ball further and get a good sco [...]


You are a thief and the best at it because you can get anything with your bare h [...]
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